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My clients want to change and understand the difference between going it alone (which is great for some people) and having someone in your corner who has walked the walk and can really shed light on your recovery from DP/ DR.

We find that what's underneath the panic and DP / DR symptoms is trauma, pain and charged feelings like shame, anger and fear. Thankfully these feelings give way to sadness which eventually creates space for safety, peace, joy to name a few of the many our human experiences brings. 

The key to recovery is establishing an anchoring or grounding in the safety of life in the present moment while responsibly, and not in re-traumatizing way, process trapped feelings. We have lots of tools and strategies available to us, we'll build on what we have and create strategy for moving forward

I'm here for you.

About Al 

After my father died when I was 13, I went from living in already an unhappy childhood to spending the next 20 years out of body. Among other defense mechanisms I used dissociating as way to not experience the trauma and pain that I had been surpressing.

I knew that, even though I wasn’t there, I could experience wholeness, joy, and peace again and in fact it was safe and simply human to be that way. Shortly after my father’s death I went on a quest to find this experience of humanity again.

I went in to abyss after abyss AND I found bliss and the true meaning of power. I studied the work of the Bhagavad Gita, Tony Robbins, Buddhism, Asian Yogic Forms (Tai Chi, Chi Gong), Traditional Hindu Sourced Yoga and Meditation, Landmark Education, BioEnergetics, Shamanic Ceremonies, NonViolent Communications, Harville Hendrix, Abraham-Hicks and others.

People who have known me for a long time are shocked at my transformation. I have had a relentless commitment to become who am I and I’m excited for continued giving and receiving with life.

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Contact Info :

Text or Phone - (929) 341-0025

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I understand the urgency and desperation of this challenge send me a text or email and it's possible we can start right away.

 Here are some words from clients and people I support : 

“I thought out of everyone I know, I was the one who had done the most work on myself before I met Al. I had no idea what was possible and if I were to describe the journey working with Al, it is a journey of Self Mastery. 

I have undergone a profound change. Al is meticulous in unraveling behaviour yet compassionate and conscientious. We have done deep work as well the practicals. Feelings and needs, self care, giving and receiving. These have all been the core of our work moving towards the life I want to create. 

I look back upon my 24 years of self growth and in this last year working with Al I have achieved more than all those years put together. 

I thank you Al. You have been the making of me.”

~ London, United Kingdom


Since working with Al, I have felt a greater acceptance of the full range of my emotions - anger, rage, sadness, shame, fear are all allowed and never judged - which has allowed for greater and more sustained feelings of joy, love, fulfillment and safety.  I feel comfortable to feel everything, to be all of myself and to love myself exactly as I am and exactly where I'm at.  -Jennifer P

Mr. Cavaliero , I'd like to thank you for your support ,guidance, wisdom and your ability to help me navigate through tough and sometimes not understandable situations and experiences have brought light and peace in my life,  Your gentle style coupled with your intuitive gift is a blessing to me and all those who are lucky enough to work with you, it's my hope that you continue working and healing those who seek you!! Thank you my friend, Joaquin Pereira.

 Still can't get over what an impact your suggestions have had on me -Charlotte

I have worked with Al for the last 3 years and I would not be where I am if he didn't fill in the missing pieces for me that needed illuminating. I was ready to hear certain truths that were running in the background and once we brought them to light I could relax and focus. I could ultimately direct my energy where I wanted to and that has made all the difference - Anonymous 

Al gently waited and waited and when I was finally read to hear it he delivered the truth. As soon as I stood up for something I wanted, he met me with swift yet not aggressive truth about the way Ive been showing up and the impact it has had on my surroundings. Immediately after, the block was I removed and I took step one. -Alex

I didn't know I needed real brotherly or fatherly support until I had few sessions with Al. He delivered the masculine component that I needed and wanted with gentle surrender of the feminine.  He provided wisdom for that part of me to chew on and held a big space for what is actually happening in the moment oh and he got me to see what was happening right now. Seeing what's happening right now made all the difference and continues to, together we build that habit and have fun moving forward with new choices.  -SW

For 3 years now Al has had the ability to gently get me to see the pattern that I operate from and choose something different.  I don't feel made wrong or pushed. I'm impressed with his intuition and it serves me in moving forward to my next step every time. I feel seen and heard. He's a neutral space where love is always there whether he's soft or firm. - Anonymous