You have panic attacks or "episodes"

You feel "high" when you have not ingested any mind altering substance

You become aware of that you are aware

You have had deja vu on top of deja vu and sometimes more and more etc

You have a distorted perception of time

You fear that you are going insane or have a major physical or mental illness

Becoming present or too present in the moment

All of a sudden you look around and it feels as if you have never been there before

hyper-vigiliance / focus on your breath or body or something else.

You don't feel like yourself

At a certain time of day, everyday you experience : anxiety, panic, potential or actual depersonalization starts, this become a full blown panic attack or episode, just anxiety and / or other symptoms

Your focus keeps changing spontaneously foreground / background or observer / experiencer.

You believe that what's happening is some kind of a spiritual awakening.

You can't go too far from an established home base, you fear traveling long distances or at all, being stuck in traffic or being on an airplane

Everything fell apart for you when you consumed cannabis or another substance or something triggered you to feel "too high" and then you were out of control

Feeling too relaxed or too happy or too high is a scary place

The first one or any of the episodes you've had are the worst moment(s) of your life

You feel different sensations in your body - pain and / or strange feelings in your belly

You notice that your experience of life is largely in your head or even out side of your body

You notice that life feels like a dream or movie and that scares you

You've been able to understand dissociation and / splitting

and others...

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

"I didn't know I needed real brotherly or fatherly support until I had few sessions with Al. He delivered the masculine component that I needed and wanted with gentle surrender of the feminine"